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Kettle and Still was founded in 2014 to provide technical assistance to commercial breweries from concept to first pour. Senior consultant Laurence Livingston brings over 25 years in the commercial fermentation industry to the table assisting, brewers, cider makers, and distillers with plant installation & commissioning, operations, design and formulation. Kettle & Still has built a substantial network of industry connections in equipment fabrication, raw materials, and individuals for clients present and future needs.

Kettle & Still Services

Complete or Partial Start-Up Consulting

  • Runs the course from computing initial figures for business plan financials through the ground breaking to finished product
  • Equipment and materials purchasing
  • Initializing production system & operations
  • Hiring of essential personnel
  • Ongoing consulting and review

Expansion Programs

  • Obtaining and reviewing equipment quotes
  • Remodeling design and review
  • Receiving and installing expansion equipment
  • Initial start up of expansion operations


  • Award winning formulations

  • New recipe design consultation

  • Review and modify existing formula

  • Ongoing formula review

Interim Brewing or Distilling Services

  • Emergency staffing option with brewer/distiller in place within 24 hours

  • In-between times production/operations staffing

  • Network of veteran brewing/distilling staff


Here are some other projects that we've worked on.

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Here are some friends we work with.


I wanted to say THANK YOU!
I am very happy with the beers, they are great and everyone who has tried them has loved them.

I am really happy, I couldn't be more grateful. I am dying to try the wee heavy and the robust porter, for now, the ISA, Belgian IPA and Imp. Saison have blown people away. I ended with a little bit more alcohol in each because the yeast were super active but I think it is better since people here love strong beers. As for now the ISA has 6.1%, Belgian IPA has 7.2% and Imp. Saison has about 10%. 

Having said that, I wanted to tell you that I would love to work with you again.

Carlos Sedo Caballero, Mama Quilla


Published in All About Beer magazine July 1, 2000

Slightly further north, the small town of Wasilla is the official starting point for the Iditarod dogsled race. There I met Laurence Livingston, a microbiologist who has worked on environmental studies in Alaska. He is now one of the principals of the Great Bear brewpub, and making beautifully-rounded, very tasty, beers. The Alaskan brown lily is celebrated in a beer with a delicious bitter-chocolate flavour, helped along by the house of Ghiradelli. This brew is called Chocolate Lily Porter. Belgian Rochefort yeast is used in a winey, medicinal, Tripel. In this land of barley wines, TNT is an explosive entrant, bursting with malt and hop.

Micheal Jackson, "the beer hunter"


Laurence was quickly able to help us solve a serious and somewhat mysterious problem with our production process

His wealth of experience and knowledge of practical product chemistry is invaluable for start-up and established commercial distillers.  I would not hesitate to ask for his advise the next time I encounter a strange issue here at the distillery.

Davy Lindig, Head Distiller at Peachstreet Distilling, Palisade CO.


Laurence designed, built and installed our 30 tap state of the art draft system,

 including our 6 integral growler filling Pegas Craftaps. He was able to answer all of our questions and helped steer the direction of our project build up towards success.  His continuing advice helps us keep the quality of our product high as we continue to grow. I highly recommend him.

Debbie Edwards, Owner Beer:30, an Oregon Tap room and growler shop.


Laurence has been a great source of knowledge and advice,

 to me over the years since opening my brewery in 2003 and even before. As I was an independent operator with little formal brewing experience or education, Laurence has provided expertise to bolster, or counter, my assumptions.  Whether you need a brewer to set up an operation and train help, or just  an independent person to check your ideas or process, I recommend Laurence for his experience, work ethic, and good attitude.

Ben Millstein, Owner and Brewer
 Kodiak Island Brewing Co., Kodiak AK


Master Brewers Association Supporter

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